WhatsApp Stickers

Learn Mandarin daily phrases and express them with WhatsApp stickers pack featuring our beloved mascot Pandarin. We hope these stickers will be fun and helpful to our students, as well as Chinese language learners all around the world.

These stickers are made possible thanks to our developer friends at Pixel Studio. If you want to create a WhatsApp Sticker App (WAStickerApps), feel free to contact them at [email protected]

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Daily Phrase Stickers

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Pandarin is a Chinese Language School based in Semarang, Indonesia. We specialised in HSK preparation classes and conversation training with native teachers.

Pandarin is always eager to create new ways of learning with technology. WhatsApp is the most popular online chatting app in Indonesia, which makes it perfect to bring Mandarin phrase stickers to daily conversation.

What is Pandarin?

Yes, the stickers are free to use. It does NOT contain any ads and will never be.

Pandarin designed the stickers especially for our teachers, students, and community. We decided to share this to everyone by making it available on Google Play Store.

Are the stickers FREE to use?

Pandarin started with daily phrases for conversation. We are aware that this is far from complete, and we will be adding more stickers. Recent update added several new stickers for celebrating festivals and wishing happy holidays.

We appreciated the time our users spent to write a review for us. Let us know what stickers to add by writing the review in Google Play Store.

Where is the sticker that says ______?

Pandarin Stickers are not yet available on iOS devices. iPhone users are able to receive and see the stickers, but they won’t be able to download or sending it to other people.

Unlike Google Play Store, there is annual fee for displaying on Apple App Store. We will create iOS version when it has more stickers.

How to add stickers to my iPhone?

Currently it does not. We want our students to learn more Mandarin phrases. Having the stickers written in English won’t help that.

In recent update, we added English version for Halloween stickers. Let us know by submitting review if you want English version for daily phrase stickers.

Does it have an English version?