New HSK 2021 Advanced 9A

New HSK Advanced is the new higher level of Mandarin, designed as learning goals for Mandarin educators and professional translators. Passing Advanced Test will earn you HSK level 7, 8, or 9 certificate, depending on your score.

New HSK Level 9 students should be able to manage a formal business negotiations, as well as to read formal documents of regulations and academic papers.

Topics included: academic research, policies, regulations, business, trading, international affairs, and more.


Understand all lectures and broadcast at any topic, even when spoken at a fast speed. Able to analyze and get information when it is not fully presented.


Speak with excellent pronunciation. Able to express opinions smoothly on different topics in paragraphs or speeches, with a good sense of cross-cultural communication.


Read complicated texts on selected topics at the speed of 240 characters per minute. Fully understand the cultural and social backgrounds involved.


Able to translate general, argumentative, and explanatory essays correctly. Able to conduct consecutive and accompanying interpretations on formal occasions

New HSK Advanced 9A Vocabulary Word List

The New HSK Advanced Test requires you to learn 5636 new words. List 9A contains words number 4001-5000. Next: List 9B (5001-5636)

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